Saturday, June 23, 2012

Bloggin' 'bout Backstitch

I always hear how so many stitchers hate to backstitch.  Not me!  I don't mind it at all, because I adore how as I backstitch, the piece comes alive with detail.  I decided to take pictures of my latest project, a small Teresa Wentzler design called Playful Kittens, which I started for this month's IHSW, and specifically did to have a portable project to take out of town on a business trip.  Anyway, I finished the kitties today, and before I did the backstitch, I took a picture.  So, here are photos of the piece prior to backstitching it, and the completed piece.  Yay!! Another finished Wentzler!

"Playful Kittens" (TW Designworks) before backstitch

Completed "Playful Kittens" (TW Designworks) Backstitched
[stitched over two, on 28 ct. cream linen]
Completed June 2012

June 2012 IHSW 2

I've been on business travel this week, so it took me a few days to post this pic, but I did take a pic of my June IHSW project last Sunday evening.  "Playful Kittens" is a Teresa Wentzler design, which, though not a huge project, has plenty of color changes and an abundance of half-stitches!  I took this project with me on the airplane, and was stitching in-flight, so I've made even more progress.  See later posts for updates.

Happy Stitching!


Friday, June 15, 2012

June 2012 IHSW

I'm going on a business trip in a few days, and I wanted a small project to tote along with me.  You know, for waiting in the airport, in-flight, etc.  I decided to do a cute Teresa Wentzler design, called Playful Kittens, which she published in Cross Stitch Monthly magazine in 1989.  I'm just starting the project this evening,  to get a bit of a start before I travel, so I'll not bore you my empty fabric waiting for my first stitches. But here's a picture from Ms. Wentzler's website showing what it should look like when I'm done.  The finished project will be a just a little over 3x4 inches in size.

Happy Stitching!


Monday, June 4, 2012

Teensy Stitches

Sometimes, I question my own sanity.  For instance, around 2 a.m. on Sunday, I was still up, having just finished  "Stitching Forever," and I was in my craft studio putting away my floss from the project.  I wasn't in the mood to work on Sarabande, my French sampler, so I started flipping through my 5" binder of miscellaneous patterns to find another small project.  Small doesn't begin to describe what I decided to work on (until 7 a.m.).  After a few hours sleep, I got back up and finished it last night.  Here is my petit point Bluebird from the Crossed Wing Collection, finished last night.  It is stitched over one thread of fabric on 40ct. silk gauze.  Yes... I used a magnifying glass to stitch it! 

I figure after doing this one, stitching my Baroque design over two threads on 40 ct. linen will be a breeze!

I'll post a pic of Stitching Forever a bit later.

Happy Stitching!