Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Creating Minions

My 19-year old step-son brought his friend, Katherine, over last Friday for a visit, and they stayed for the entire weekend.  Seeing as my husband and I each have two sons from our previous marriages, it has been like swimming in testosterone for me for the past 12 years!  So, when one of the boys brings over a girl, or my neice visits, I get pretty excited to have some girlie time!  Sometimes we watch "chick flicks" and sometimes we just chat about girl stuff!  Thankfully, my mom also likes to visit every few weeks, so I enjoy that too.

Anyway, this weekend, when Katherine saw the framed needlework on my walls, and we were talking about artistic stuff like calligraphy, I asked her if she does any stitching.  She said she doesn't, and I offered to teach her.  My husband said, "Great.  Now you'll have Stitching Minions!"  Well, Katherine turned out to be a wonderful minion... er... student.  I love teaching others to stitch - as it is such a relaxing hobby that produces lovely finished pieces to proudly display.  I'll be keeping in touch with her to see how the little cardinal christmas ornament turned out, and to urge her to keep up her new hobby.  She was off to a great start when she left on Sunday, so I'm sure it will turn out as a beautiful first project.

Happy Stitching!



  1. Aw, that's wonderful to share your art with someone new. We need more new stitchers and I am sure that she's learning the right way, because you are a dedicated and very skillful stitcher! YAY!!! Newbie recruit/minion!

  2. woooot! totally proud to be your minion, ms. marilyn ;) thank you sooo much for sharing your skills and your time! (as well as your home..) <3