Monday, November 26, 2012

Give a Hoot

Since my mother collects owls, I was happy to find one of the latest patterns by JBW Designs this summer:  French Country - Owl.  It is a small design, and I stitched it on linen fabric in just a couple evenings.  I took my time and found a cute fabric to back it with and some matching ribbon for trim, planning to make an ornament.  Ma's birthday was falling on Thanksgiving Day this year, and I was so excited to be giving her an owl with cute autumn motifs in it.

A few weeks before Thanksgiving, I had the free time I needed to finish the ornament.  One problem -- I couldn't find the stitched piece anywhere!  I tore apart my house, my desk at work (I stitch at lunchtime, so I often have needlework there.), even my car, but I couldn't find it anywhere.  I figured I'd stitch another one easily enough in plenty of time, but as luck would have it, the pattern was safe in the little bag containing the stitched piece, the backing fabric, and the ribbon.  I hopped online and ordered another copy of the pattern.  Two days later, I was rummaging in a laundry basket of clean clothes in my closet and heard the rustle of plastic.  Yup.  I found my original stitching.  It was in a tote bag I'd used to take the items to the craft store to get the backing material and pick up some framed pieces.  It was lying right there on top of my laundry basket!  I received the replacement pattern in the mail that afternoon and immediately sent it to my cousin, a fellow stitcher who's mother also collects owls!

I was able to finish the little guy in plenty of time to give it to Ma for her birthday.  She loved her gift!  Here he is:

Country French - Owl (JBW Designs)
Stitched over two on 28 ct. Belfast Linen
Completed August 2012

Here's the back!

I've also been working on a small stack of Christmas ornaments from this year's ornament edition of Just Cross Stitch magazine.  I still need to create ornaments out of the finished stitched pieces.  I'll post pictures when they're complete.  Can't talk any more about WIPs - too many surprises!

Happy Stitching!



  1. What a super cute design! And the backing fabric is so perfect for a fall theme. Beautifully done - no wonder your mom loved it.

  2. Oh what a shame that you couldn't find your finish and chart and ordered a new one! But the replacement went to a good home! Great stitching!